Riverside Olympic Football Club.


Riverside Olympic Soccer Club and Riverside Olympic Junior Soccer Club formally merge to become Riverside Olympic Football Club

Riverside Olympic Soccer Club (ROSC) and Riverside Olympic Junior Soccer Club (ROJSC) are pleased to announce the merger of the two clubs to become Riverside Olympic FC.

The merger was carefully planned with the purpose of allowing every player to develop to their highest potential; young or old, male & female.  The new club is committed to long-term player development in both recreational and competitive programs while cultivating a lifelong passion for the game.

Both clubs came to the decision to merge after twelve months of deliberations by representatives of both clubs, to combine resources and remove duplication between the two former clubs. The new combined club will provide a clear football pathway from our youngest Under 6 players through to senior Men’s and Women’s teams.

Whilst retaining a focus on player and team excellence, the club aims to maintain it’s more social and recreational teams, for players who just enjoying playing the game without having to give a high level commitment. The new club is also looking to reinforce its already strongly family friendly values and culture at the club.

Read the full press release here.

Trophy Day 2016

Congratulations on all of our season 2016 award winners and thanks everyone for making the 2016 trophy day the best one yet.

Individual award winners:

  • Senior Girls B&F – Sarah Moore and runner up Veronica Harvey
  • U16 Boys B&F – Billy McKnight and runner up Ryan Hume
  • President’s Award co-winners – Joeb Dedman and Jessica Murphy
  • Tom Strickland Scholarship club nominee – Georg Tabagari and nominated players Evan Gregson and Noah Whatley
  • ROJSC/ROFC Life Member – Jeremy Smith

Award winning ROJSC/ROFC teams of 2016:

  • Under 16 Lions –U16 Division McDonalds Cup runners up
  • Senior Girls Phoenix –Senior Girls League runners up
  • Under 15 Tigers –U15 Division 2 League and McDonalds Cup Winners
  • Under 13 Rascals – U13 Division 2 McDonalds Cup runners up
  • Under 13 Scorchers–U13 Division 3 League Winners
  • Under 13 Jets–Junior Girls McDonalds Cup Winners
  • ROJSC coaches – “Windsor Trophy” winners with a 3-1 victory over the 2016 leavers (Now 1-all after three games: 2014 drawn 2-2 & 2015 leavers 4 d. coaches 2)

Congratulations all! See you in season 2017 . . .



ROJSC Registrations for Season 2016

Updated 22/3/2016

Please check with the club prior to any new registrations, to see if we have any team vacancies.

Click here to go to the MyFootball Club registration page & use the page links as needed:

New players who have never registered before will need to use the Create FFA account first.

  • When you get to the page where you type in the club name, look for “Riverside Olympic Junior (NTJSA) Soccer Club” – if you clear the entry box and start typing the club name from the beginning, the club name should come up and you can select it.
  • You can view a copy of the MFC Self Registration Guide if needed, it’s from 2014 but the same for this season
  • Or watch the self registration help video
  • Please contact us at riversideolympicjuniortas@gmail.com or mobile 0475 769 043 if you need help


ROJSC Social Media

ROJSC has dragged itself into the new millennium and is running it’s own Facebook page. While we will continue to post important news and updates here on the website, all of our ‘real-time’ and live updates are now posted on our Facebook page. We have been posting team and action photos of our players, updates with regards to training and games cancellations, news from the NTJSA and general club and junior soccer related news. The club strongly encourages you to get on board, which you can do by visiting https://www.facebook.com/RiversideOlympicJuniorSoccerClub and clicking ‘Like’.

ROJSC Training Updates

Please keep checking the post on the top right of this page under ‘Get the latest news’  & then ‘Season 2016 training cancellations’; we will update this post when it looks like training may be cancelled. Please also note – the club will only cancel training at Windsor Park when the grounds have been closed by the West Tamar Council. All other team training cancellations (due to weather or otherwise) are at the discretion of the team coach. If you are not sure about whether your team is training – please contact your team coach in the first instance. For ‘match day’ cancellations for games on Friday evenings and Saturdays at Churchill Park, please check the NTJSA website. NO CANCELLATION NOTICE = GAMES GOING AHEAD! Other useful links are on the post.

Team Reports

ROJSC end of year reports for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 are available to download from the Newsletter page.

Respect Our Referees

(from the NTJSA)

Over the years our referees have at times been subject to verbal abuse, threats and even physical abuse. The NTJSA would like to make it clear that any attack on our referees will not be tolerated. Any person proven to be intimidating, abusing or threatening our referees are in breach of the National Code of Conduct, and will be dealt with under the NTJSA’s Bylaws. This could lead to de-registration as a player, expulsion from Churchill Park or legal action. Our referees are an important part of our game and deserve to be treated with respect and understanding. These people do not purposely go out to make mistakes; it is a fact of life that mistakes are sometimes made. Our referees have given up their time to contribute to the game they love – yes, they get paid but they do not get paid to be abused or threatened. If these types of actions were to happen we could end up losing referees. At the moment we have good numbers and we very rarely have to call on coaches or parents to take on this job. It was not that many years ago that you were lucky to have one referee on a game, at the moment we consistently have at least 2 and in most cases 3 per game. The NTJSA has recently placed a copy of the National Code of Conduct on the entrance gate; we ask that you take the time to familiarise yourself with its contents. Your co-operation with this matter would be appreciated. .


NTJSA Cyber Bullying Policy

The NTJSA has released it’s cyber bullying policy and we request that everyone reads the policy and adheres to the requirements. It’s only a page and takes a minute to read, download & view the document here.

Club playing strip clothing – please see the staff at SportsPower 

For all ROJSC playing strip socks and shorts, plus soccer boots & shin guards, please call in & see the staff at club sponsor – SportsPower – on the corner of St John and Paterson streets in the Launceston CBD. Please let them know that you are from ROJSC and you should also receive a 10% discount.

Churchill Park Regulations: The NTJSA has requested that we remind all visitors to Churchill Park that under no circumstances is anyone permitted to smoke within the complex; and there are signs erected throughout the complex by the Launceston City Council advising this. Visitors are also not permitted to bring bicycles or dogs onto the premises and we ask that this also be adhered to.

No Soccer Boots in the Clubrooms: A reminder to all players not to wear soccer boots in the club rooms, other than in designated change rooms. If players are using the main areas of the club rooms to get ready for training, please put your boots on last and put them on outside; please remove them again before entering the building. Your co-operation with this request is greatly appreciated.

Wet Saturdays: If it has been raining and the forecast for Saturday is continued rain, please check the NTJSA Website as they post any cancellations on their front page usually by 8.30am, otherwise, games are on as usual.

Rosters & Results: All rosters and results can be accessed via our ‘Ladders and Results’ page (which links to the NTJSA games page), or alternatively directly on the NTJSA website: www.ntjsa.org.au and click on the ‘Rosters’ link.

Shin Pads: All players MUST wear shin pads to training.  Unfortunately accidents happen at training also and ROJSC requires all players to wear shin pads at training to minimise any injuries that may occur to player’s lower leg area (it hurts just as much when you get kicked in the shins at training as it does during matches 🙂 ). Generally, if you don’t have shin pads on, you won’t be able to train.  This is not only for safety purposes but ensures you are covered by NTJSA & ROJSC insurance policies in the event of a serious injury.  Unfortunately, the club doesn’t sell shin pads but they are available from most good sports stores.

Skins: For those that wear ‘skins’ during their game, FIFA law 4 is now being inforced, meaning that you can only wear ROYAL BLUE under playing shorts and ORANGE under tops; no other colour is allowed.  Sportspower and many other sports stores do stock the royal blue colour in skins shorts, otherwise it’s the playing strip only.

This site has been developed to provide the information that players, mums, dads, supporters and interested individuals need to assist them to enjoy their soccer with the club. We will aim to provide comprehensive coverage of training and match schedules, results and tables, with special emphasis on teams from ROJSC via the information on the site itself or the links provided. We also aim to provide the help and tools that coaches and trainers need to develop the children in all aspects of playing soccer. We encourage submissions from members and supporters of the club so that special moments, stories and photos can be shared with everyone. It is our aim that this site becomes the number 1 source of information for everyone interested in the activities of Riverside Olympic Junior Soccer Club. Enjoy the site and most of all enjoy your soccer with Riverside Olympic. Welcome again.